September 2021 Videoconference

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  • Date: 28 September 2021
  • Time: 12PM US Eastern, UTC 1700 convert
  • Location: Remote
  • Call-in: Zoom Meeting






Staff reports, including Executive Director and Finance can be found after the agenda.

Organizational KPIs

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OSD SLA met     
NSFR SLA met    
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KPI Summary

Finance Summary

e-Votes to read into minutes

Motion to change Honorary Lifetime Membership to Distinguished Lifetime Membership

Background Previously, Honorary membership was self-nominated, and voted on by the Board. Honorary membership was seen as a way to obtain complimentary membership, which is now provided using self-service complimentary membership. The Board wishes to change honorary membership to recognize outstanding, extraordinary, and lengthy selfless service to the OWASP Community, and to celebrate a few outstanding individuals each year. This change elevates Honorary membership to be that honor.

Motion “Resolved, the bylaws shall be amended to change “Honorary Lifetime Membership” to “Distinguished Lifetime Member” per the following pull request.”

Sponsor: Joubin Jabbari Second: Vandana Verma

Sherif Mansour:     Yay
Vandana Verma:      Yay
Bil Corry:          Yay
Grant Ongers:       Yay
Martin Knobloch:    Yay
Owen Pendlebury:    No vote
Joubin Jabbari:     Yay

Vote PASSES 6/0, carried as 2/3rd majority passed the resolution for a bylaw change.

Motion to grant five Lifetime Distinguished Memberships at OWASP’s 20th Anniversary

Background: OWASP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration event is fast approaching. The Board wishes to recognize individuals who have performed outstanding extradordinary long standing service to the OWASP Community with Distinguished Lifetime Membership. A plaque will be granted to the awardees, and a history of their contributions written up in concert with the individuals so that OWASP’s history and key contributors can be recognized by the wider public.

Motion: “Resolved, the OWASP Board grants the following individuals Distinguished Lifetime Membership for outstanding and extensive service to the OWASP Community.

  • TBA - to be released at the 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA”

  • Sponsor: Sherif Mansour
  • Second: Grant Ongers

Vote - once the vote has concluded

Sherif Mansour:     TBA - to be released after the vote concludes
Vandana Verma:      TBA
Bil Corry:          TBA
Grant Ongers:       TBA
Martin Knobloch:    TBA
Owen Pendlebury:    TBA
Joubin Jabbari:     TBA


Motion to approve Projects Policy

Background: This policy is modelled after the chapter policy, which was approved in January 2021. It documents the lifecycle of a project, and for the first time, how projects can exit OWASP if they so choose. This draft policy, in conjuction with the draft Expenses and recent Grants and Awards and Scholarships policies, replaces the old Project spending policy, which will be removed completely after this approval.

Motion: “Resolved, the revised Projects Policy is approved, effective September 28 2021.”

  • Sponsor: Sherif Mansour
  • Second: Vandana Verma

Motion to approve Events Policy

Background: The updated Events policy is part of Event reform that is necessary to allow all parts of OWASP - leaders, local and regional chapters, projects, and committees to run events under the same policy. This policy defines Event leaders as first class leaders of OWASP, with an email and access to complimentary membership. It also defines the separate P&L nature of events, formalizing what has always been true, but never stated before. It also defines a seed budget, ($0 required during this approval) to allow bootstrapping of new events and a seed repayment schedule so that events can become self-sustaining and thus lead to new events being created. Lastly, it details how events can direct their portion of the net profits to our mission, and raises the net profit split from 40% to 80%. The new policy defines how events can formally raise exemption requests for a single event with the Board if they disagree with the policy, for the Board’s consideration. It also defines a new event type, OWASPx, which will be built by the Foundation after approval to permit members and non-profits to establish OWASP branded events in return for a brand license fee with relevant usage and quality restrictions outlined in the OWASPx program and trademark license agreement. Additionally, new, more generous trainer splits with a revised speaker agreement to reflect these splits are included for reference. These are operational and do not require Board approval, but are provided for your consideration.

Motion: “Resolved, the revised Events Policy is approved, effective September 28 2021.”

  • Sponsor: Joubin Jabbari
  • Second: Grant Ongers

Background The bylaws and policies have quite a number of basic spelling mistakes and grammar errors. This consent package has been reviewed by Joubin and Grant, and is ready to be applied. It does not change the policies or bylaws in any appreciable way.

Motion “Resolved, the consent package to apply spelling and grammar fixes to the bylaws and policies is approved.”

TBA: Due to other changes, both of these will require very minor conflicts to be resolved prior to the Board meeting on the 28th.

  • Sponsor: Joubin Jabbari
  • Second: Grant Ongers

Motion to change bylaws to adopt Chapter policy

Background The current bylaws refer to a long deprecated guideline document, as if it is adopted policy, which it is not. This change would remove the old document and also bring the naming of chapter leadership into line with our current chapter policy of not having a “local chapter board”, which is currently undefined in the bylaws and chapter policy.

Motion: “Resolved, that the Board by a two-thirds majority approves a change to the bylaws to adopt the approved Chapter policy for guidance for Chapter leadership, and to bring chapter leadership naming in line with current OWASP policy and practices.”

Change Section 5.02 from

“The chapter leader and local chapter board has to manage the local chapter according to the guidance and rules defined in the Chapter Leader Handbook. “


“Local chapter leadership has to manage the local chapter according to the policies defined in the latest approved Chapter Policy.”

  • Sponsor: Vandana Verma
  • Second: Joubin Jabbari

Motion to change election policy dates to nearest business day

Background: During the prep for this year’s election, the initial Call for Candidates, whilst released on time on August 15, fell on a Sunday. Not only did Dawn have to spend her Sunday working, this is not an ideal day to make a major announcement that has extensive consequences for the Board itself and may result in low numbers of potential candidates, or if applied to the vote itself, obtaining membership in time, or voting.

This motion will have the effect of announcing the Call for Candidates on a Monday if August 15 fell on a Sunday, or a Friday if August 15 falls on a Saturday, and so on. This will permit us to promote these deadlines or activities to a much wider audience than if announced on a weekend, and reduce the need for the staff to work on their days off.

Motion: “Resolved, the Board adopts the following change to the election policy to adjust dates that fall on a weekend to be the nearest business day.”


“The timeline will include notices, important dates, and milestones.”


“On the nearest business day, the timeline will include notices, important dates, and milestones.”

  • Sponsor: Sherif Mansour
  • Second: Vandana Verma



Adjournment motion

The next general Board meeting is on October 26, at 12 pm US Eastern Time.

“It is moved, and seconded to adjourn. Those in favor, say “aye””

Sponsor: Sherif Mansour Second: TBA

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