September 2010 Board Minutes

September 22, 2010

Present: Michael Coates, Tom Brennan, Dave Wichers, Eoin Keary, Matt Tesauro Board Member Not Present: Seba Delersnyder

Committee Chairs Present: Martin Knobloch, Rex Booth, Jim Manico, Mark Bristow, Jason Li, Tin Zaw, Dan Cornell

Staff: Kate Hartmann, Sarah Baso, Kelly Santalucia

Next Board meeting will be October 10th 12noon EST

  1. Paulo Resigned.
  2. Chapter Meeting Updates to the Chapter Handbook will be available for vote and comment within 30 days Chapter events were discussed with Mark Bristow, chair of the GConfC As described at the provisional approval of the policy, this topic will be re-visited and re a-addressed by the board after 1 year (re-evaluated at January 2012 GConfC meeting) Unanimous consent asserting that charging admission delineates a conference as opposed to a chapter event which must be free and open (edge cases handled by excpetion) Chapter finances were discussed
  3. 2013 Summit Budget will be reviewed and discussed within 30 days
  4. Each Board Member will review the committee goals and provide feedback at the October Meeting.
  5. Student Chapters program will be managed by Education Committee (consented to by Membership and Chapters Chair)
  6. Additional $5K allocated and approved for Conferences Committee “Conference Support” Budget (Approve: Dave, Eoin, Matt, Tom, Michael Reject: none Not-present: Seba)
  7. Appropriate use of funds: Chapters committee and Projects committee need to review and revise their expense guidelines. Process for reimbursement approvals needs to be developed. Write down, logical and scale-able
  8. Ryan’s submission for reimbursement of $500 will be approved as a very clear one time excepting pending creation of clear policies. Approve: Eoin, Matt, Dave, Tom, Michael