September 2011 Videoconference

September 2011 - MEETING MINUTES

Meeting Date: 9/6/2011

In Attendance: Michael Coates Matt Tesauro Seba Deleersnyder Jeff Williams Dave Wichers Eoin Keary Tom Brennan

Committee Chairs in Attendance: Jason Li

Staff: Kate Hartmann Sarah Baso Paulo Coimbra


Subject Initials Notes
Current OWASP Finances SB <ul><li> Alison posted financials as of end of July 2011: <li>OWASP Podcast line item is at a deficit, needs to be added to budget (connections commmittee) for next year. <li>Kate requesting feedback on “OWASP 2011 Accounting” spreadsheet -</ul>
Webex vs. GotoMeeting SB <ul><li>Tom talked to WebEx regarding the possibility of barter in trade, and they were not interested in exchange. <li>Platforms are similar - GotoMeeting is cheaper, but is not available to non-windows OS. <li>Also, Mark is in the process of putting together a phone conferencing service - not ready yet though. <li>Vote: Yes GoToMeeting: Eoin, Matt, Jeff, Dave, Seba. <li> Kate will move forward with agreement with GoToMeeting and send to Board for review before signing.</ul>
Vote: move forward with Rackspace agreement SB <li>Change: $24,000 per year instead of $2000/month – so if over one month and under another, will even out. <li>Matt will ask if this is possible. <li>Discussion on appropriateness of podcast for Rackspace. <li>Is it an extended commercial or something else? Suggested that we set the topic as “how Rackspace is helping OWASP” <li>Change: 6 month notice of cancellation (to avoid only 30 day notice). <li>Contract approved as written, Matt to get a few clarifications and will send to Board if any significant changes - Matt, Seba, Jeff, Dave, Eoin
OWASP Forms SB <li>Feedback form - good system for communication from operational standpoint and seems to be well received by community based on over 300 submitted questions/requests <li>Sarah has updated Merchandise request form to include business card requests and other standard items. 39 requests to date. <li>Jason put together a preliminary form/system for submitting reimbursement requests which will give visibility to requests, simplify the reimbursement process for accounting (Alison) and streamline communication between all parties involved.
New wiki page for tracking board votes SB Created at: Central location for information and added visibility.
Transition of new board members SB Board Vote Required: Approve Exception to Board term for 2011 election. Newly elected board members will begin their term at the September 20 Meeting and will continue until December 31, 2013. Yes or No. <li>Yes - Dave, Jeff, Seba, Eoin, Matt <li>No - Tom <li>Need to define roles and responsibilities for Board members asap so that we don’t proceed 4 months without some clarification. Board to make notes on their thoughts regarding r & r. If not attending meeting, can send notes to Kate. Kate also to follow up with preliminary drafts/ideas before Sept. 20 in person meeting.
Paulo - status update SB <ul><li></li><li>Training referred to in report is the free training offered to OWASP members (model used several times successfully), while the current initiative of the Education committee is a revenue generating, paid, “OWASP Training”.</li></ul>
GPC update SB <li>Jason - working on setting up migration to Sorceforge. Working session at AppSec USA will be primarily dedicated to this transition related to new project life cycle.<li>OSS showcase at AppSec USA in MN. 10 project applicants, all accepted and given slots. If successful, hopefully use initiative in future conferences.<li>Budget allocation for working session at AppSec USA will be slightly over projected, but GPC general budget will cover this overage (last working session at AppSec EU was under budget projections)
GEC SB <li>Working on putting together new profit generating OWASP Training program.
Next meeting SB At Convention Center at Appsec USA.
Meeting #1 - Sept. 20 5:30pm - 9:30pm.
Meeting #2 - Sept. 22 6:30 pm (immediately after networking event/happy hour) - 9:30pm