October 2011 Videoconference

Board meeting Minutes 10/10/2011

Present: Michael, Eoin, Tom, Dave, Seba, Matt, Kate, Mark, Jason

Agenda page: https://wiki.owasp.org/index.php/October_10,_2011

Update from Committee Chairs Mark Bristow - Global Conferences Committee Chair (Update Presentation): Ben Tomhave and Neil Matatall have resigned from the committee Still have 7 active members Active committee doing lots of work managing events around the world and improving their processes Need approval for GConfC 2012 Budget proposal Need approval for 2013 Summit Budget outline AppSec North America 2011 GConfC Liaison Report Jason Li - Global Projects Committee Chair: Active committee work on various activities. Working on standard project Icons Not sure how to handle replacing Paulo Some concerns expressed by the OWASP community with regard to using SourceForge vs. other platforms. Committee working on this. Matt Tesauro: To present on OWASP Finances - However, was not able to do so since he couldn’t get access to the OWASP QB file. To address this he suggested we buy QB Online Voted and approved to purchase online QB access (cost ~$480/yr) - vote yes by Michael, Eoin, Tom, Dave, Seba, Matt, - Kate will accomplish by 10/15/2011 - Matt will assist with migration Potential OWASP Hires Sarah Baso - Kelly S. Paulo’s replacement Larry’s role??? In the interim, the board has authorized Sarah and Kelly to work up to 40 hours per week on OWASP tasks, either funded by a local chapter for local chapter support, or funded by the foundation to support any of the Global Committees, through the end of Dec. 2011. Any existing funding sources remain (local chapter or global committee), and the foundation will make up any difference. Voted and unanimously approved by all Board members.

Action Item - Finalize job roles & responsibilities by next meeting Tasked to: Kate driving effort, support & feedback from Board & Committee Chairs Deadline: Finalized by November - Board Meeting

Action Item - Draft messaging to existing employees with new billing ability of up to 40 hours per work. Focusing on global responsibilities If Global committees need more time collectively than they can support, this needs to be brought to the board to prioritize. Tasked to: Michael, with feedback from Board Deadline: Email sent by Tuesday 10/11/2011

Committee Goals Committee Goals to be updated and commented on by the Board and comments made in the google doc by October 24th and document will be sent to the leaders list by October 25th for comment.

Action Item - Send global committee goals link to to leaders list on October 25 Tasked to: Board-send email, global committees - update goals Email to leaders list will be sent next Monday

OWASP Legal - Financial Entities Action Item - Create wiki list of all OWASP legal entities worldwide Tasked to: Kate, Dave, Seba