November 2011 Videoconference

Board Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2011

Present: Dave Wichers, Michael Coates, Eoin Keary, Seba Deelersnyder, Matt Tesauro

Committee Chairs: Mark Bristow, Rex Booth

Strategic/Committee Goals Strategic goal #4 to provide financial stability Goals will be monitored quarterly through the committees with the foundation providing the strategic and operational support for success 2011 Committee Goals vs budget allocations will be reviewed by 11/20 Michael will forward finalized committee goals and strategic goals mapping to committees with goal to release to community at large in 2 weeks

Financial Updates Matt - working towards establishing visible committee budgets and links to Foundation accounting system, quickbooks needs to be updated to reflect current transactions OWASP financial management procedures will be better defined for 2012 Budget worksheet will be updated with numbers from 2011 and 2010

Legal OWASP entities Korea and China both have legal OWASP entities Foundation Board needs to decide if 1) acknowledgement of these legal entities will be granted and 2) what will be the process to allow chapters to continue to move to establish these entities

Interim meetings will occur every week until the end of the year to finalize budget and organizational activities - Monday’s 12 noon Eastern time