OWASP Elazig

OWASP Elazig


Welcome to OWASP Elazig. We will be happy to see you if you join us! Thanks to the informatics departments at Fırat University, which it hosts, Elazig meets the cyber security specialist needs of Turkey. As OWASP Elazig, we organise Meetups, conferences, professional speaker series, workshops and inspiring presentations about Cyber Security.

Chapter Information

OWASP Elazig was established in September 2022 as a city society. The first meeting with Cyber Security Fundamentals and OWASP Introduction will be held on 19 September 2022. As OWASP Elazig, we continue free and open meetings that focus on content that participants can implement in their own environment.

Keep watching this space for announcements about upcoming events. Everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings. For more detailed information about the OWASP Elazig Chapter, contact the chapter leaders:

Next Meeting/Event

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Benefits of Attending Meetings

  • Networking
  • Cyber Security knowledge sharing
  • Gaining different perspectives
  • Have fun!


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Presentations and Professional Speakings

If you like to speak on our upcoming events, please review the speaker agreement and kindly email us Deniz Bektas, Muhammed Batuhan Aydın & Berfin Yaşar

Past Events

No past events yet