OWASP Italy Day 2024

OWASP Italy will host the next OWASP Italy Day 2024 on June 20th. It will be a full-day event dedicated to application security (AppSec)!

OWASP Italy Day 2024 will take place at Cagliari. This is a free, one-day, informal event aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of web application security.



The event is primarily intended to appeal to security professionals, software developers, software quality engineers, and computer science students with a strong interest in computer security.


The event will take place from 4 PM to 22 PM (Italian time).

- KEYNOTE by Dinis Cruz,

Founder @ The Cyber Boardroom, Chief Scientist @ Glasswall, vCISO and GenAI expert

- Enhancing API Security through Large Language Models: A Novel Approach for Detecting BOLA Vulnerabilities

Alessio Dalla Piazza CTO and Cofounder of Equixly:

Domenico Raguseo Head of CyberSecurity & (Digital) Infrastructure Exprivia S.p.A.

- Ransomfeed: Project and Methods for Analyzing Ransomware Threats

Dario Fadda Security Researcher and Founder of Ransomfeed.it

- Template Engines Security Assessment: Mitigating Server-Side Template Injection Risks

Lorenzo Pisu Ph.D. Student, University of Cagliari - CTF Player, Srdnlen

- Backdoor in XZ Utils Library – Why We Need to Talk About It

Domenico Caldarelli Head of Cybersecurity

Event Location

Viale lungomare del golfo 150 Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)




  • Davide Ariu, OWASP Italy Chair & Pluribus One
  • Matteo Meucci, OWASP Italy Chair & IMQ Minded Security

Call for Sponsorship still open

We are excited to offer sponsorship opportunities for the OWASP Italy Day 2024, taking place in Cagliari on June 20th. This event provides a unique platform to connect with professionals from multiple facets of the software industry, including security experts, developers, engineers, and influential academics.

Why Sponsor OWASP Italy Day 2024?

Brand Visibility: As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently displayed before, during, and after the event. This includes logo placement in event materials, promotional content, and key areas at the venue. Enhance your brand recognition within the cybersecurity and developer communities.

Community Engagement: Engaging with the OWASP community puts your company in the spotlight as a leader in supporting open software and security advancements. This event will provide you with the opportunity to network with industry leaders and cybersecurity professionals, offering a chance to build relationships and share your company’s expertise and solutions.

Lead Generation: With hundreds of attendees from various sectors, sponsoring OWASP Italy Day 2024 gives you direct access to potential clients and customers. The event will provide a focused audience interested in cybersecurity solutions, products, and training.

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