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Slides now available, see Past events below. 

Everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings.

Upcoming events


Join colleges and security geeks at the säkpub torsdagen den 7 november start 17:30. New Your Legens, Lilsjöraden 16, Jönköping

Register at link-to-event.

Past events


OWASP JKPG - May 21, 2019

Secure your IT environment now! We discuss three low hanging fruit, easy to fix but yet critical for a secure organisation.

OWASP JKPG - Mars 7, 2019

Defending the connected society - IT security, Janne Haldesten and The worlds largest cyber defence exerse Locked sheilds, Thomas Svensson.

  • Redacted slides shared shared with those who attended only.


OWASP JKPG - November 1, 2018

Håkan Sonesson and Christoffer Claesson told us all about how to gather and leverage from publicly and semi-public information about our IT systems.

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During spring and summer 2020 our work is on backburner due to Covid-19.