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**Kerala Chapter Board Planning Meeting Oct 2020 - Google Meet **

  1. OWASP Kerala Board has been restructured as follows:

    a. Core Leaders

    b. Advisory Board Members

    c. Finance Coordinators

    d. Conference Coordinators

    e. Academics Coordinators

    f. Women in AppSec Coordinators

    g. Workshops & CTF Coordinators

    h. PR & Marketing Coordinators

  2. Board Members has been selected and assigned individual roles in the board.

  3. Decided to organise Borad meetings regularly on first week of every month.

  4. Decided to organise OWASP Meetup’s on every quarter, Sreenath will be working on the calendar schedules.

  5. Decided & planned the steps that should effective social media publicity and marketting for strengthening the community relationships & security awareness.

  6. Decided to organize regular Meetup’s with student communities to make them aware of the opportunities in cybersecurity and to guide them to shape their careers.

  7. Next meeting is scheduled on first week of November 2020.