OWASP Kerala Chapter Board Conference Planning Meeting


  1. The AppSec conference date has been postponed to 16-Dec-2018, Sunday.

  2. The posters will be redesigned by Sreenath for getting more attraction.

  3. Decided to publish the conference details among targeted audiences. Also, decided to check the availability of keynote speakers.

    a. IIITMK, CDAC - Danesh, Rajesh

    b. GTech, Technopark Today - Rejah

    c. CET - Adarsh

    d. Colleges having Cybersecurity Courses - Sreenath

    e. Speaker from Cyberlaw domain - Adarsh

    f. Malware Analysis Research Scholars - IIITMK

    g. Speaker (GDPR) - TCS

    h. Speaker from Defence Dept. - Sreehari

    i. Speakers from Cochin & Amrita University- Sreelakshmi

    j. MG University College Campaign - Sreehari

    k. Dhanya Menon - Speaker - Check the Availability - Rejah

    l. Talk on IoT Security - Sreehari

    m. Talk on ICS - Adarsh

    n. Talk on Blockchain - Rajesh

    o. Talk on Mobile Pentesting - Jineesh

    p. Talk on Secure Code Review - Malavika & Praneetha

    q. Talk on Bug Bounty - Hemanth & Vishnuraj

    r. Speaker from Israel - Sreehari & Hemanth

    s. CUSAT - Vijith

    t. Availability of Achuthsankar Sir for Inauguration.

    u. CET M.Tech Students - Paper Presentation - Adarsh

    v. Availability of OWASP Global Leader - Rejah, Adarsh

    w. CTF - Danesh, Sreehari, Nash

  4. Goodie Bags : Notepads + Pen + Id card + Certificate + Stickers (Delegates) and Notepads + Pen + Id card + Certificate + Stickers + Printed Mug (Speakers)

  5. Sponsorships: Rejah and Danesh

  6. Media Support: Rejah and Hemanth

  7. Encourage more women participation.

  8. Next Meeting on 29-Nov-2018 5 PM