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OWASP Letterkenny Board Members

Details and registration for all chapter meetings are available on our Meet-Up page: https://www.meetup.com/OWASP-Letterkenny-Chapter/

December 2018 Meeting

December 2018 Chapter Meeting


' Thursday
06 Dec 2018
Registration: 05:30 PM
Talks start: 06:00 PM
Event finishes at 07:00 PM

' 1.18:00: When application security fails - tales from the trenches Summary: An overview of security failures observed in industry and the possible actions that could have been applied to prevent by Phillip Close
' Speaker Bio:Phillip is Director and co-founder of Secora Consulting a trusted Cyber Security partner specialising in penetration testing and attack simulation to identify and enable clients to mitigate cyber security threats. Phillip has over six years direct penetration testing experience, specialising in infrastructure, web application, mobile, thick client, wireless and mainframe penetration testing.

' 2. 18:30:Cyber Resilience – How to maintain the organization’s ability to respond & recover critical operations in the event of successful Cyber-attack? by Bhupender Sharma
' Speaker Bio:Bhupender Sharma brings over 11 years of diverse experience in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. He is currently working as Business Continuity Specialist in Pramerica Systems, Ireland. Prior to Pramerica, he had worked in various roles across different organizations in India. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhupender-sharma-75244412/.

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OWASP Letterkenny Chapter Inauguration

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting our first OWASP Letterkenny chapter event in September 2018

September 2018 Chapter Meeting


' Thursday
20 Sept 2018
Registration: 17:00
Talks start: 17:30
Event finishes at 19:30 pm


17:30: Chapter Inauguration Ceremony and Welcome Talk by Gerard Grant
Speaker Bio:Gerard Grant is the Vice President of Technology, Innovation & Support Services at Pramerica Services. In his current role, Gerard leads all Technical Operations, Engineering, Dev Ops, Campus Support, Facilities and Innovation for Pramerica.

17:45: What is OWASP and what does it mean for software security by Gary
Speaker Bio:Gary brings over 20 years experience in software development and cyber security, including time as a Senior Application Security Architect in one of the world's largest banks. Gary is also an European Board Member of OWASP, and assists many companies with their software security, from start-ups to Big4 consultancies.

18:00: User Behavior Analytics & Machine Learning For Cyber security by Timothy Kelley
Speaker Bio:Tim Kelley is an IT infrastructure specialist in information security at Pramerica. His most recent IEEE publication, “Getting Prepared for the Next Botnet Attack: Detecting Algorithmically Generated Domains in Botnet Command and Control”, with joint author Dr. Eoghan Furey [LYIT], was presented at the 29th Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2018 (ISSC) this past June. Tim is currently completing his Msc. in Big Data Analytics at LYIT, continuing his journey as a highly technical, experienced information security professional with 15 years professional experience in security related domains.

18:45: DevSecOps - Why DevOps inherently includes security and major issues currently under consideration as part of DevOps standards by Ruth Lennon
Speaker Bio:Ruth Lennon has been a lecturer for 20+ years. She is one of the team writing the new DevOps IEEE P2675 standard and is on the NSAI SC11 with particular concern for "Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms".

19:15: Special Announcements and Wrap-up


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