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* Some of the organizations that have helped this chapter with some or the other resources

1.Persistent Systems Ltd. 2.Cluesys 3.CTZ Lab


This Chapter’s vision is to spread awareness about the Application Security among the citizens of Nagpur.It will conduct meets every now and then about the trends in the security community.

Join OWASP Nagpur Google Group at link below Owaspnagpurwithnotext.png]

Local News

Upcoming Events & Meets

Note: The meetups of Chapter are always free to attend.Just come with an open mind and willingness to share and learn.

Past Events

**OWASP Nagpur July 2018 Monthly Meet**

**OWASP Nagpur Sept 2018 Monthly Meet**

OWASP Nagpur Nov 2018 Monthly Meet

**[OWASP Nagpur Feb 2019 Monthly Meet](https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Nagpur_Feb_2019)**

OWASP Nagpur May 2019 Monthly Meet

OWASP Nagpur Oct 2019 Monthly Meet



Become a Speaker

Want to speak at the local chapter meetup/event ? Message any of the leaders on the email about your content/research.

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Twitter_wide.jpg Follow Us on Twitter to Stay updated about upcoming meets.

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Past Events