Welcome to the Nepal chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). The major goal of establishing this community is to bring together all cyber security experts. Let’s join together and work to secure web applications and develop the cyber space in Nepal and beyond.

If you’ve come here in search of a Nepali cybersecurity community where you can discuss security flaws, research, and findings, you’ve come to the right place. For better communication and knowledge sharing, we have created a handles on social medias. So, if you want to be one of us, use the links below to join us.

Social Sites URLs
Facebook Page - OWASP Nepal
Group - OWASP Nepal

Call For Speakers for Events

We welcome speakers from anywhere in the world to talk at OWASP Nepal Chapter virtual meetings and activities in the coming months. Please contact the chapter leaders for further information if you are interested in speaking.

Upcoming Events

Date Title Host Speaker Langauge Event URL Supporter

Past Events

Date Title Host Speaker Langauge Event URL Supporter
2021/06/19 So What’s a Blue Team Anyway? @imhaxormad @GyledC English Soon… Pentester Nepal

Next Meeting

Webinar for Q/A

Topic Data breach Rise in Nepal

This webinar was targeted have a disscusion on the recent rise in breach,are owasp member are requrest to participate by Zoom it will live on Techpatro facebook page.

  • Introduction of personal data breach.
  • How personal data breach happens?
  • Process to report personal data breach.
  • Importance of reporting personal data breach to related authority.
  • Negative impact of personal data breach.

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