OWASP Nepal a local chapter of OWASP for Kathmandu, Nepal. Here we can discuss on any topic, share tools and techniques related to web application security. The main aim of creating this community to bring all the cyber security expert together So let’s get together and move for securing web applications..

We have created a group and page in facebook for better communication and better knowledge sharing

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Catch the flag Computation (Sponsored by Cobalt and OWASP NEPAL)

  • Calling all Nepali Security Professionals!
  • Pentest Nepal along with OWASP NEPAL is launching an online virtual hackathon aka CTF (capture the flag).
  • If you are interested to participate in the upcoming CTF (this week from July 7, 2017 - July 8, 2017) signup here: https://ctfs.websec.tech and also join the slack here ctfnepal.slack.com (msg us your email).
    • Following are the awards:
    • 1st Place: Cobalt.io swag( T-shirt, cards, etc)
    • 2nd Place: Book - Crowdsourced Pen Testing for Dummies by Cobalt, T-Shirt by OWASP Nepal
    • 3rd Place: still being decided
    • If you have any questions: https://websec.tech/ctfs explains how it works.
  • Share this and join! Learn about new vulnerabilities. Writeup by the team will be published as soon as the CTF ends. It is an individual and 24 hr eve for any .

Cyber Crime and Banking Sector in Nepal

This workshop was targeted to banking sector of Nepal after the massive recent breach of the a Bank with massive theft Link. Nepal Owasp chapter participated presentedge a talk on Cyber Secuity Gap on Banking SectorLotLot of IT organization and Banks did participate.

Everyone is welcome to join us program and for update join chapter mailing list.

Chapter Sponsors

Some of the organizations supporting OWASP Nepal chapter are below:

Islington College

Leaf Frog Acedemy

Pen Tester Nepal Community

For more information on how to support OWASP Nepal chapter in helping organize free and open security meets contact the chapter leaders at below emails:

Cyber Security Awareness work shop ( 18 Nov 2017)


Cyber Security Seminer ( 24 March 2018)

Students interested in cybersecurity were welcomed to attend the event. OWASP CHAPTER NEPAL had organized this event in a collaboration with Pentester Nepal.

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Next Meeting

Webinar for Q/A

Topic Data breach Rise in Nepal

This webinar was targeted have a disscusion on the recent rise in breach,are owasp member are requrest to participate by Zoom it will live on Techpatro facebook page.

  • Introduction of personal data breach.
  • How personal data breach happens?
  • Process to report personal data breach.
  • Importance of reporting personal data breach to related authority.
  • Negative impact of personal data breach.

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