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The OWASP VIT Student Chapter was formed in 2016 and ever since it’s had one aim only, spreading awareness about cyber security and malware as well as ransomware threats in society and circles of students and teaching them how to deploy countermeasures through various events and undertakings.

We majorly indulge in sharing our knowledge through our blogs (both on Medium as well as on Blogger) and CTFs, spreading cybersecurity awareness with our weekly news, infographics, quiz, and instagram reels, conduct various events like CTFs, hackathons, webinars, workshops, open-quiz, along with various other cybersecurity events and most importantly learn together and contribute to the open-source community with our projects. With a strength of more than 100 active contributors, we have actually mentored more than 1500 students, completed 4 projects, and successfully conducted more than 50 events in our community of more than 750 members. Our organization stands with a Chapter Leader, Chapter Manager, Secretary and the subordinating heads of various departments (Technical, Web-development, Design, and Operations). Each member is assigned certain roles and they regularly contribute to the development and growth of the chapter.


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software. All of our projects ,tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

Monthly webinars

Call For Speakers
Starting from January, 2022, we will be scheduling monthly speaker sessions of 1-2 hr duration on the domains of:

  • General Cybersec Awareness
  • Cybersec focused technical topics

Stay Updated, Stay Safe!


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Past Events


WASPCON was a two-day workshop marathon conducted for the budding cybersecurity aspirants. The event was open for all the tech enthusiasts out there. Experienced professionals conducted webinars on topics like introduction to cybersecurity, careers in cybersecurity, cloud hacking, android app security and web app security which helped a lot of students. It was followed by a hands-on CTF and a quiz.

Date: 9th and 10th October, 2021

Venue: Virtual


Day 1 (9th October 2021)-

11 AM - Introduction to Cyber Security by Prof. Prathamesh Churi

3 PM - Web App Security by Sudhakar Muthumani

7 PM - CTF cum Hands-on-Session

Day 2 (10th October 2021)-

11 AM - Cloud Hacking by Sagar Patra

3 PM - Android App Security by Raunak Parmar and Sachit Bhatia

7 PM - Quiz Competition

TOVC 1.0

TOVC 1.0 was the first CTF we ever conducted. It had an Introductory-cum-Beginner Guide session regarding CTFs. The session was taken by Sriram Kesavan and our ex-board member, Lakshay Baheti.

Date and Time: 24th-25th July, 2021

Venue: Virtual


Day 1 (24th July 2021)-

11 AM - Introductory-cum-Beginner Guide session

3 PM - CTF begins

Day 2 (25th July 2021)-

9 AM - TOVC 1.0 Concludes


Tetraflip was the largest hackathon conducted by OWASP VIT Chennai and Android Club of VIT Chennai between 30th April 2021 to 2nd May 2021. It brought along it more than 500+ several talented and creative students across the world to compete over forty-eight hours where every team had to develop inventive solutions for real-world problems. It accomplished in sparking innovation, attracting, and educating new talent and make new channels for collaboration between students and professionals. Our main sponsor were Devfolio, Portis, Tezos, Polygon, Celo, Wolfram Language, BotVFX, Code Asylums and Knowledge Partner was GeeksforGeeks.

Mentors for Tetraflip -

  • Arnav Tripathy
  • Shubham Sharma
  • TV Sai Sankalp Reddy
  • Surya Balakrishnan
  • Gaurav Acharya
  • Sarthak Mehta
  • Dwij Sukesh Kumar Sheth

Date: 30th April, 2021 - 2nd May, 2021


OWASP VITCC conducted DogeQuiz, a forensics and networking themed quiz meant to test the participants’ knowledge with the best and the brightest in the field

Date and time: 4 PM - 6 PM on February 28th, 2021

Venue: Virtual

OpenGov Hackathon

A 24 hour long hackathon, this was an event we held for machine learning and internet of things enthusiasts. With opportunities to win goodies worth Rs. 30,000, participants worked on their ideas and its implementation. The same was presented at the final event.

Date: 14th-15th February, 2020

Venue: VIT Chennai Campus

Smart Campus Ideathon

This was a 12 hour long brainstorming session, where participants gained knowledge the smart way, and had lots of fun simultaneously.

Date and time: 10th-11th August, 2018

Venue: VIT Chennai Campus

Previous Chapter Leaders

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