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Vignan Institute Of Information Technology(VIIT) has always been a constant and steady source in evolving new techiques for the emerging innovative world. VIIT is a pioneer in engineering education and research technologies. OWASP VIIT student chapter is a team of ingenious mind solvers who are eager to make the world a better place to live in with their innovative techniques and discoveries. Our OWASP team aims to foster a culture of competitiveness,learning and growth.We as a team create an environment that provide an opportunity for our fellow students to showcase their talent, skills and build the foundation of a college club that creates a self-sufficient student community in the future and stays for years in the campus.


Our community stands with a Chapter Leader, Chapter Manager, Secretary and the sub-ordinating heads of various departments(Technical,Web-development, Designing,Operations and Cloud Computing).Each community member is assigned certain prior roles and responsibilities in organising the events successfully. We steadily contribute for the growth and development of the chapter. We hereby come and work together productively to fulfill our primary purpose to spread awareness about cyber security aiming the development of students.


We as a team of OWASP VIIT student chapter have successfully been organising hackathons,tech-talks,workshops,coding nights and blind coding.We cluster all the students having great ease towards creative learning, developing technical skills, upgrading innovative learning which help in developing the nation as well as overseas. Our team help you in obtaining new technical skills through the inputs gained in past endeavours.Being a part of this club, you will be able to develop your managerial skills that are crucial and can gain knowledge on new-age technologies.


Upcoming Haps: We have lots of exciting and interesting stuff coming up very soon! Stay tuned to our media channels.


We majorly engage and indulge in sharing our knowledge on new-age technologies through all our social media platforms and CTFs in spreading cybersecurity awareness with our weekly-news, magazines, infographics, quiz, webinars and instagram reels.We organise various events in collaboration with other cybersecurity student communities and mostly aim to learn together contributing to the open-source community with our further projects.


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OWASP VIIT Chapter Blogs and Articles

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Our Executive Board

Roles Responsibilities Person(s)
Chapter Leaders The central point of contact for the Chapter and responsible to the OWASP Board. Serves as Chapter Leader and Chapter board chair. Prajit Sengupta, Arshia Anand
Faculty Advisor Who provide mentoring, coaching, and assistance to the board and contribute to the Chapter’s success. Maninder Kaur
Joint Secretaries Managing And Taking Decisions To Ensure The Smooth Functioning Of All Departments Of The Chapter Shivam Dargan, Yashvardhan Arora ,Hiya Dey Sarkar Ananya Aggarwal
Management Secretaries Manages The Smooth Functioning Of Events And Other Instrumental Departments Gurleen kaur, Aastik Saluja
Technical Secretaries Manages All Of The Technical Affairs Of The Society From Development Till Deployment Aman Kumar, Nikhil Bakshi ,Bakul Gupta
Marketing Secretaries Managing All The Sponsor Based Relations And Publicity Related Affairs Ishaan Gupta, Prateek Rustagi
Media Secretaries Handles the all social media account which includes LindedIn, Instagram, Etc And Overlooking Designing Affairs Devanshi Saini, Gursehaj Singh
Administration Secretaries Managing All Of The Permissions And Other Legal Matters To Prevent Any Roadblocks Kartik Kumar
Logistic Secretaries Handling All Of The Logistical Operations On Ground In Offline Events Kamalpreet Singh, Sukrit Sethi