OWASP Outreach Committee


The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to promote active membership, participation, and contributions in OWASP. Our target audience is both existing members people unfamiliar with OWASP.


  • Offer a free, entry-level, volunteer-led, minority focused training in major OWASP events.
  • Represent OWASP in major security industry, developer and hacker focused conferences and events when possible, and nominate new OWASP volunteers
  • Facilitate Leaders in ordering and distributing OWASP branded items.
  • Assist staff and major event organizers with creation of a career corner for major OWASP events.
  • Collaborate with other committees and initiatives as needs present.
  • Collaborate with local OWASP Chapters and Global OWASP leadership, including but not limited to offering advisory support to local and global OWASP leadership for Outreach advancement and collaboratively building OWASP communities.
  • Develop other special projects and events designed to further the purpose of OWASP.

Meeting Minutes

The comittee meets roughly every 3 weeks. At the time of writing, meetings have an open agenda and last about an hour. You can find the minutes for each Outreach comittee meeting here

Actions so far

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