OWASP SecureFlag Community Edition

The SecureFlag Community Edition is an open source training platform created for developers to learn and practice modern secure coding techniques through hands-on exercises. The platform helps develop secure coding skills through real-world challenges to ensure knowledge acquired during the course can be confidently and continuously applied in the real world.

Developers manually find, exploit and remediate the code of vulnerable applications running in disposable development environments accessed via a web browser. The platform offers 100% hands-on training, with no multiple-choice questions involved and uses an engine able to live-test code changes to measure efficacy, instantly displaying whether the code has been fixed and awarding points upon exercise completion.


  • Run exercises in a dedicated environment in the cloud; find & fix vulnerabilities following the instructions.
  • Real, turn-key, development environment pre-configured with selected vulnerable exercises.
  • Exercises focus on exploitation / remediation or secure coding and target the most common application security issues.
  • Live-test changes to instantly learn if code has been fixed and award points for completing the exercise.
  • Automated deployment on AWS through CloudFormation.
  • Install Exercises from the SecureFlag Exercise Hub or create new ones with the SecureFlag SDK.
  • Assign Learning Paths to align developer skills according to the company’s risk appetite.
  • Setup Tournaments to engage the entire developer community in your organisation.
  • Setup and manage Organisations, Teams and Users through the Management interface.
  • Get Stats at an Organisational, Regional, Team and User level to quickly identify gaps.

Discover more at https://community.secureflag.com.


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