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API Security Risks

The OWASP Risk Rating Methodology was used to do the risk analysis.

The table below summarizes the terminology associated with the risk score.

Threat Agents Exploitability Weakness Prevalence Weakness Detectability Technical Impact Business Impacts
API Specific Easy: 3 Widespread 3 Easy 3 Severe 3 Business Specific
API Specific Average: 2 Common 2 Average 2 Moderate 2 Business Specific
API Specific Difficult: 1 Difficult 1 Difficult 1 Minor 1 Business Specific

Note: This approach does not take the likelihood of the threat agent into account. Nor does it account for any of the various technical details associated with your particular application. Any of these factors could significantly affect the overall likelihood of an attacker finding and exploiting a particular vulnerability. This rating does not take into account the actual impact on your business. Your organization will have to decide how much security risk from applications and APIs the organization is willing to accept given your culture, industry, and regulatory environment. The purpose of the OWASP API Security Top 10 is not to do this risk analysis for you.