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Is Not Just A Ping Utility.

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NINJA PingU comes with all the necessesary dependencies out of the box. The following platform is requiered, though.

- gcc
- Linux box. Will not work neither on *BSD or Windows OS.
- Root Privileges

note: root is required to create raw socket descriptors.

Getting Started

NINJA-PingU currently, only works under Linux and the gcc compiler is required. To get pingu, you can run:

$ cd /tmp; wget; tar -xvf v1.0.1.tar.gz; cd NINJA-PingU-1.0.1/; ./

The Makefile will build the binary bin/npingu and the ninja-pingu plugins located at src/plugin. On the other hand, you can run the script, which automatically compiles NINJA PingU, tunes the operating system for enhanced network performance, and launches a custom terminator terminal for improved user experience.

$ ./

Basic Usage

The following is the NINJA PingU basic usage.

# sudo ./bin/npingu [OPTIONS] targets
  -t Number of sender threads.
  -p Port scan range. For instance, 80 or 20-80.
  -d Delay between packages sent (in usecs).
  -s No service discoverage (less bandwith load, more hosts/time).
  -m Module to run. For instance, Service.
  [targets] Can be a single ip or a range (i.e.
  -h Show this help.

Below it is shown some examples.

# ./bin/npingu -t 3 -p 20-80 -d 10 -m Service
  -Targeted Hosts []
  -Targeted Port Range [20-80]
  -Threads [3]
  -Delay 10 usec
  -Use the [Service] discoverage Plugin

# ./bin/npingu -t 5 -p 80 -s #scan google
  -Targeted Hosts []
  -Targeted Port [80]
  -Threads [5]
  -synOnly scan (without plugins)

You can run ninja pingu with the -h flag to get the help.


You can ping me at guifre dot ruiz at the owasp dot org server or send an email to the official mailing list.