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Is Not Just A Ping Utility.

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32764/TCP Backdoor Scanner Plugin

Millions of routers have been affected by a backdoor that gives full remote root access to the device. Backdoor32764 is the new plugin that identifies hosts affected by this backdoor.

The plugin is already available in the NINJA PingU codebase. You can run this plugin as follows.

# ./bin/npingu -t 2 -p 32764 -m Backdoor32764

Embedded Devices & Services Discoverage Plugin

Recently, Bruce Schneier wrote about the security risks of embedded systems. To perform a simple experiment, I wrote a PoC plugin for NINJA PingU for services analysis and embedded devices discoverage.NINJA PingU comes out of the box with it.

The Service Discoverage plugin is targeted at performing a simple HTTP GET request to the port 80 of the targeted hosts and analyze Server banner response header. The plugin is open source and included in the v1.0 package. As NINJA PingU, the plugin is open source released in its codebase. This plugin can be run by using the following command.

# ./bin/npingu -t 5 -p 80 -m Service

The [-t 5] sets the number of spotter threads, the [-p 80] specifies the targeted port, [-m Service] loads the service and embedded device identification plugin. The following and several other devices are currently supported.

· Network Cameras

· Restaurant Management Services

· Direct Digital Control Services

· Smart TV Devices

· Network Programmable Controllers

· Printers

· Solar Power Plants Management Devices

· VoIP Conference Phones

· Central Communication Devices

· Measurement Control Data Logger Devices

· GPS Devices

· Network Multimedia Disks

And many other kinds are supported. Note: not brute force or guess attacks have been carried out, the devices were open on the Internet, no security measures have been broken or bypassed.