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OWASP Tool Project D4N155

OWASP Tool Project D4N155The project uses OSINT for dynamic and smart attack of brute force, using a complex operation and get the word list using expressions find.


On the abstract we can presume that this isn’t just another pentest tool this is a truly powerful tool, that integrate various key features of another projects and ideas of the developers and aggregate then in a same place.


  • Make smart wordlist based from page content
  • Make smart wordlist based from specific url content
  • Make smart wordlist based from past content
  • Automatic Report Feature with two options:
    • HTML Where it generate a dynamic graphic for quick visualization
    • PDF

People with bad intentions dedicate a long part of their time to read profiles, posts analyzing then, observing reactions with in order to obtain the maximum information about their targets in order to make their list (of passwords) and the door for attack. Even if you do not have specific knowledge, so you may be using this tool will help you get a sense of how vulnerable you are and consequently take action and prevent a possible attack.

Besides this it’s a friendly tool for a pentester with the features of automatics reports the professional can save time, writing extensive reports with pages of print screens, technician reports and transcription of procedures this tool can make a half of a job for him.

logo OWASP D4N155

Operation of OWASP D4N155

The process of password speculation works based on the execution of several functions of theories mathematics.

All footwear is made following the recursion λ→(η) = Op.

Combinatorial analysis

The code follow the combinatorial analysis during the process of speculation

Enumerative combinatorics

Enumerative combinatorics is the most classical area of combinatorics and concentrates on counting the number of certain combinatorial objects.

Enumerative combinatorics

Using crawler are possible get all values for each all urls

Analytic combinatorics

Analytic combinatorics concerns the enumeration of combinatorial structures using tools from complex analysis and probability theory. In contrast with enumerative combinatorics, which uses explicit combinatorial formulae and generating functions to describe the results, analytic combinatorics aims at obtaining asymptotic formulae.

This is the most important thing for code.

Analytic combinatories

With all the possibilities of combinations, example:

Root text: i walk
---- Tests ----
1,1: walk i
1,2: walki
2,1: i walk
2,2: iwalk

Removed repeated words
walk i

Using this script are possible see in practical with 4 values "John","have","easy","pass", run:

wget -qO- "https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Jul10l1r4/a5edfae6b0f206b4e491152c9f6b4347/raw/6c246b3a32db2f19fe5c68394663a1c995d8f625/mess.py" | python3

Results of calcs

Hello, World!

Thanks for your interest in making D4N155 There are mutliple ways to help beyond just writing code:

  • [Submit bugs and feature requests] with detailed information about your issue or idea.
  • [Help fellow users with open issues] or [help fellow committers test recent pull requests].

Contributing to D4N155

If you want help for undestand the code contact us:

OWASP D4N155 Docker :boom:


Version Docker CLI of OWASP D4N155.

See package

Source code (Help us :heart:)



docker pull docker.pkg.github.com/owasp/d4n155/d4n155:0.1
docker run -it d4n155


FROM docker.pkg.github.com/owasp/d4n155/d4n155:0.1


made-with-bash GPLv3 license

See version dev-test

Source code (Help us :heart:)

API project of D4N155

Test: d4n155.herokuapp.com/make/param

GET /make/:word Operations
GET /domain/:domain Get all urls of Domain
GET /domain/:number-limit:url Get wordlist


Run local

git clone https://github.com/owasp/D4N155.git
git checkout api
docker-compose up

OWASP D4N155 BOT [Telegram]

Codacy Badge

Telegram bot: Using the OWASP D4N155 API. See: owasp/D4N155


Make the .env and set TOKEN for you Telegram bot: (Make a bot)

echo "TOKEN='xxxxxxxxxx'" > .env

Test: @D4N155_bot