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OpenCRE Introduces ChatCRE


Spyros Gasteratos, September 11, 2023

Would you trust generative AI with an important cyber security question?

We are super excited to announce the world’s first security-specialized chatbot: the powerful OpenCRE-Chat. Using Google’s great conversational PaLM AI technology, we created a large language model that uses the standards collected in OpenCRE as main resource for answering questions about information security. The advantage of this approach is that the answers are more reliable, since they come from vetted and leading standards (ISO, NIST, CAPEC, Mitre, OWASP etc.), plus the Chatbot provides the right references with the answers. In contrast, regular chatbots typically do not provide references, and they take their information from the entire internet, which can be a problem if the answer is an hallucination, or from an unreliable, outdated or even manipulated source.

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