OWASP SecureFlag Open Platform Member Benefit


Harold Blankenship

Thursday, December 24, 2020

As we close the year OWASP Foundation is proud to present a new member benefit in the form of online training provided by OWASP SecureFlag Open Platform. All active OWASP members around the globe now have access to all of the great exercises and training options that the OWASP SecureFlag Open Platform supports and many more besides!

The platform uses SSO for login using your OWASP email address so ensure that you have your OWASP email address handy (if you don’t yet have one, provision one here) and then request an activation code here. Once you have your activation code, Sign Up and you are ready to go!

For more information about the OWASP SecureFlag Open Platform check out their project page. And if you are involved with a vulnerable web application project then please reach out to the project team about getting some exercises created showcasing your project.

Not yet a member? Then please consider joining us. Membership starts at $50 USD (or $20 for students) and there are discounts depending on your region. For more details and information about what membership provides, check out the membership page.