Global Board and Staff

The OWASP Foundation Global Board is comprised of seven elected members who serve for two-year terms. Each Fall, membership votes to elect new leadership for the Foundation. Generally our Board meets monthly and meetings are open to the public. The Global Board sets the strategic direction of the Foundation, its policies, and sets governance and leadership roles. The Global Board Home Page has information about upcoming meetings, former meeting minutes, Board decisions, contact information, and other general information.

Board of Directors

Sherif Mansour

United Kingdom

The Chairman of the Board shall serve as the principal executive officer of the Foundation and provides strategic leadership and direction along with performing fiduciary and organizational requirements as defined in the OWASP Foundation bylaws.
Current Term Ends 12/31/2021.

Vandana Verma Sehgal (@InfosecVandana)

Vice Chair

Performs Chair responsibilities when the Chair is not available, works closely with Chair to develop and implement officer transition plans, performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.
Current Term Ends 12/31/2021.

Grant Ongers

United Kingdom

Treasurer manages finances of the organization, administers fiscal matters of the organization, provides annual budget to the board for member’s approval, ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures.
Current Term Ends 12/31/2021.

Bil Corry

New Hampshire, United States

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of minutes, and to provide advice to the Board on bylaw or policy issues.
Current Term Ends 12/31/2022.

Joubin Jabbari

California, United States

Current Term Ends 12/31/2022.

Martin Knobloch

The Netherlands

Current Term Ends 12/31/2022.

Owen Pendlebury


Current Term Ends 12/31/2021.


Under the direction of the Executive Director, staff implements programs and policies of the Foundation while collaborating with members on OWASP Projects, Chapters, Events, and initiatives.

Each year the staff works with the Global Board to establish an Operating Plan and Budget. The work efforts of our staff are tracked publicly at the Operating Plan Status.

Andrew van der Stock

Executive Director
Colorado, United States

The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.

Harold Blankenship

Director of Technology & Projects
Texas, United States

The Director of Technology & Projects nurtures, manages, facilitates, and supports the volunteer open source programs of the Foundation. Additionally the Director of Technology & Projects champions, manages, and executes the technology roadmap of the Foundation.

Kelly Santalucia

Director of Events and Corporate Support
New Jersey, United States

The Director of Events and Corporate Support is responsible for planning and delivering OWASP Foundation AppSec Global Events and Training, approving and nurturing local and regional events in concert with the community, and reaching out to our tremendous corporate supporters and sponsors.

Dawn Aitken

Operations Manager
Florida, United States

The Operations Manager ensures the smooth business operations of the OWASP Foundation for its community, staff, and Board. Additionally this role directly supports the executive team of the Foundation to professionally and artfully maintain, monitor, and resolve matters that impact the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission.

Lisa Jones

Chapter and Membership Manager
North Carolina, United States

The Chapter and Membership Manager is a members’ advocate that professionally manages and services the chapter and membership functions of the OWASP Foundation. Additionally this role supports our global partnerships and event sponsor operations.

Lauren Thomas

Event Coordinator
Florida, United States

The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and delivering events for our global community. This position is the go-to person for the community, staff, and vendors and will coordinate event details from a big-picture viewpoint to create the overall experiences for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and vendors.