The OWASP Foundation, Inc. is a United States 501(c)3 nonprofit charity governed by the Global Board and administered by its executive director, staff, and contractors. Volunteers contribute to the mission of the Foundation and lead projects and local chapters worldwide.

Goals for 2020

  1. Launch updated version of OWASP Top 10 by June 2020.
  2. Continue to optimize business operations to overachieve financial and membership targets.
  3. Manage two successful global conferences planning three in 2021.
  4. Launch Project Summits and AppSec Days to over 500 attendees
  5. Increase relevance and reputation of OWASP measured by 10% increase in web traffic.
  6. Improve satisfaction with OWASP by survey measured a 5% increase.
  7. Increase all classes of membership by 25%

Global Board of Directors

Governing Documents


Code of Conduct

  • Perform all professional activities and duties in accordance with all applicable laws and the highest ethical principles;
  • Promote the implementation of and promote compliance with standards, procedures, controls for application security;
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality of proprietary or otherwise sensitive information encountered in the course of professional activities;
  • Discharge professional responsibilities with diligence and honesty;
  • To communicate openly and honestly;
  • Refrain from any activities which might constitute a conflict of interest or otherwise damage the reputation of employers, the information security profession, or the Association;
  • To maintain and affirm our objectivity and independence;
  • To reject inappropriate pressure from industry or others;
  • Not intentionally injure or impugn the professional reputation of practice of colleagues, clients, or employers;
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity; and
  • To avoid relationships that impair — or may appear to impair — OWASP’s objectivity and independence.