OWASP Membership Portal and Email Cleanup


Harold L. Blankenship

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Updated 6/29/2021

Beginning in July, OWASP will be launching a new Membership Portal. The portal will display information about your OWASP membership and will also allow you to edit your personal details. In addition, the portal will provide links to content that is of interest to members including certain membership benefits. Be on the lookout for further information about the upcoming Membership Portal as we get nearer to launch.

Also beginning later in July, as a necessary step to a proper membership portal, the owasp.org email address inventory will be cleaned up and any email addresses that do not belong to the following groups of people will be deactivated within 15 days of removal from all of these groups:

  • OWASP Members (having an active one year, two year, or lifetime membership)
  • Project Leaders
  • Chapter Leaders
  • Event Leaders
  • Committee Leaders

What is the current schedule?

The following are the dates of importance to keep in mind for the initial campaign:

  • July 1: Membership Portal opens
  • July 26: Membership email cleanup begins - first notices of deactivation
  • August 2: Second notice of deactivation
  • August 8: Final notice of deactivation
  • August 9: Email deactivation if no action was taken

Please note that from this point forward, email deactivation notices will be on a rolling schedule, depending on membership lapse/deactivation/renewal.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a member in good standing you should not have to do anything. Likewise, provided that you are a leader of an active chapter, project, committee, or event this should not affect you in any way. However, if you currently have an @owasp.org email address and you are NOT among the groups mentioned above, you may receive an email notification that your email address is going to be deactivated. You will have 15 days AFTER RECEIVING A NOTIFICATION to either update your status or remove any content which you wish to keep from your account before being deactivated. This content includes any files in Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc that is tied to your @owasp.org account. There are no plans at this time to delete the content but it will become unavailable to you. Should your OWASP Foundation status change to include you in the above groups, the content should become available to you once again.

How do I stop this from happening?

If you feel that you are among the people whose account will be deactivated, you can prevent it from happening by becoming an OWASP Member. Optionally, if you have the dedication, time, and/or technical talent, you can choose to become a leader in the OWASP community. There are numerous, existing Projects, Chapters, Committees,  and Events that may have leadership positions available, provided you meet the requirements. Please note that it may require up to 24 hours after becoming a leader before your status changes.

What if I receive a deactivation notification in error?

Although we are working diligently to make sure that our systems are accurate so that deactivation notifications do not get received in error, there remains the possibility that you receive such a notification even though you are among the groups mentioned. For example, it may be that you are a project leader and your email address is not tied to the leaders information on your project website; this could result in your receiving a deactivation notification. If you believe you have received a notification in error, please:

If you have checked the above and still believe you received your notification in error you may Contact Us and choose the ‘Email Deactivation Assistance’ type.