Membership Portal Launches


Harold Blankenship

Monday, July 5, 2021

The new OWASP Membership Portal soft launched on July 1st. The membership portal displays information about your OWASP membership and also allows you to edit your personal details. In addition, the portal provides links to content that is of interest to members including certain membership benefits. You can access the portal using your OWASP Foundation email address by clicking on Membership Portal.

Who Can Access the Portal?

Anyone with a valid email address can access the portal but it will have limited funcitonality based on your membership status. If you are a current OWASP Member and your membership data is linked with your email address, your membership details and personal information will be displayed. If you are a current member but your email address is not linked to your membership, you will need to Contact Us to get your data linked. For anyone with an email address who is not a member, you will be given the option to renew your membership from this page.

What Information is Shown?

The screenshot below shows up the information displayed for members:

Membership Portal Image

The Membership Information section shows your membership number, a QR Code (which can be scanned by staff at select events to verify your membership and allow entry into our member-only areas), your membership type, and membership end date.

The Personal Information section shows your email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers we have on file. You may add and update this information as needed.

To the right is a list of Useful Membership Links and in the upper right corner allows you to Logout when you are done.