Dublin Call for Papers and Trainers


Emily Berman

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Are you a thought leader in AppSec with a unique idea to share with the greater OWASP community? We are looking for new, innovative, compelling content for our Global AppSec in Dublin this June. Application Security leaders, software engineers, and researchers from all over the world gather at Global AppSec conferences to drive visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software, as well as to network, collaborate, and share the newest innovations in the field.

"New voices and perspectives are always welcomed at Global AppSec Conferences."

Trainers can apply to give one, two, or three day classes and the training audience will include developers interested in security as well as security professionals at all levels. This year’s conference tracks follow the traditional OWASP Builder, Breaker, & Defender principles - with an additional category - Leadership.

Submit your training or session by midnight GMT on February 29, 2020.