December 2021 Special Videoconference

Special Meeting Details

  • Date: 2021-12-14
  • Time: 12PM US Eastern, UTC 1700 convert
  • Location: Remote
  • Call-in: Zoom Meeting

Special Meeting Agenda

In light of omicron, travel bans, quarantine periods, projected crowd sizes, unease with attending in person events by sponsors, and a rapidly upcoming installment payment for 94,000 euro on January 5, 2022, we will need to make a call at this special Board meeting on the best way forward for Globasl AppSec Dublin.

As running a deeply unprofitable event may impact our ability to trade as an ongoing concern, it is important to ensure that we weigh the pros and cons, consider the risks, and make a well informed decision. The differences in price are stark and well above my $10k signing authority.

The Events team will brief the Board on modeling and budgets of various alternatives, assuming 1/4 attendance (e.g. Defcon 2021), 200 (Owen’s projection), and various sizes or options including hybrid as to what is profitable.

  • Present modelling of various scenarios, with budgets for each, risks, tradeoffs of alternatives including in person only, hybrid, virtual only, and risks and costs of postponing to 2023

  • Board to discuss a motion relating to 2022 viability for AppSec Global Dublin with an alternative or to push it to 2023

Decision sought: I see two potential decisions: one on postponement, or if no postponement, a second vote on approving a model and budget for a 2022 Dublin event based upon the information presented at this session. Motions will need to be drafted at the meeting.

No vote or decision means we will need to pay the deposit for Dublin in early January and move forward with our existing plans, which may lead to a significant and material loss.

Meeting Slides