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Chapter Meetings

Started in 2010, we are the CLT area’s chapter for OWASP Global. We typical meet the 4 Times a Year. Sometimes more, we hope to also see you during the Cyber Security Symposium

We hold a Meet and Greet (Virtually During this time of COVID) beginning at 7:00pm. Food and beverages are provided. (Suspended during this time of COVID, Feel free to drink and eat at your house, we for sure will be doing that!)

Please Signup on Meet-Up so we can have an accurate count for food.

Upcoming Meetings

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Local News

  • AppSensor headed by lead developer and local member John Melton, was selected as a GSOC project. This is a very exciting new feature that will pave the way for a server/client model of AppSensor

  • SamuraiWTF Co-headed by local member and developer Jason Gilliam, SamuraiWTF is a framework designed for quickly configuring training virtual machines with tools and vulnerable application targets. This of this as a base box with a specialized package manager. For example, an instructor could use SamuraiWTF to easily set up a classroom virtual machine image containing OWASP ZAP and OWASP Juice Shop, and then distribute it to each student.

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Comms with OWASP CLT

  • All of our event notifications have been moved to our MeetUp page OWASPCLT. Please join if interested!
  • We have a OWASP Charlotte Twitter Account where we’ll be posting news about OWASP Charlotte.
  • Please visit our YouTube page for past meetups.



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