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Chapter Meetings

Started in 2010, we are the CLT area’s chapter for OWASP Global. We typical meet the 4 Times a Year. Sometimes more, we hope to also see you during the Cyber Security Symposium

We hold a Meet and Greet beginning at 7:00pm. Food and beverages are provided.

Please Signup on Meet-Up so we can have an accurate count for food.

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Local News

  • AppSensor headed by lead developer and local member John Melton, was selected as a GSOC project. This is a very exciting new feature that will pave the way for a server/client model of AppSensor

  • SamuraiWTF Co-headed by local member and developer Jason Gilliam, SamuraiWTF is a framework designed for quickly configuring training virtual machines with tools and vulnerable application targets. This of this as a base box with a specialized package manager. For example, an instructor could use SamuraiWTF to easily set up a classroom virtual machine image containing OWASP ZAP and OWASP Juice Shop, and then distribute it to each student.

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Comms with OWASP CLT

  • All of our event notifications have been moved to our MeetUp page OWASPCLT. Please join if interested!
  • We have a OWASP Charlotte Twitter Account where we’ll be posting news about OWASP Charlotte.
  • Please visit our YouTube page for past meetups.



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