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Greetings Cybersecurity Enthusiasts!

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on the official webpage of IIIT-Kottayam. As a proud affiliate of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), our commitment is unwavering in fostering a vibrant community of cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts. We are united by a shared passion for securing web applications and advocating for the best practices in cybersecurity.

At IIIT-K, our mission is unequivocal: to empower both individuals and organizations in the endeavor to build, maintain, and operate secure web applications. In the dynamic landscape of ever-evolving cyber threats, our community serves as a steadfast stronghold. We pride ourselves on being a nexus for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and a hub for continuous learning.

Join us in our collective journey to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, where every member contributes to the resilience of our digital ecosystems. Together, we stand as a united force dedicated to advancing the field of web application security, ensuring a safer and more secure digital future for all.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in our diverse range of initiatives. Whether you’re interested in contributing to impactful Projects, engaging with our Local Chapters, attending enlightening Events, joining discussions on Online Groups, or collaborating in real-time on our Community Slack Channel– your involvement is key to our collective success.

Embracing diversity is at the core of our initiatives, and we invite individuals from all backgrounds to join our community. OWASP provides an exceptional platform to learn about application security, expand your professional network, and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Consider taking the next step by become a member or making a valuable donation to support our ongoing efforts. Your active participation contributes to the resilience and strength of our community, making a lasting impact on the broader landscape of cybersecurity.

Upcoming Events

CYBERWEEK (8 Jan 2024 - 14 Jan 2024)

DAY-1: Introduction to OSINT and Target Reconnaissance
(Speakers: Purundhar, Ansh)

- We would go from knowing minimal information about a potential target to gaining maximum information from the public domain.
- Creating a personalized Phishing email to the target to gain credential access from them.
DAY-2 : Network Scanning & NMAP
(Speaker: Darisi Priyatham)

- Nmap, a potent network scanning tool, is crucial for discovering hosts and vulnerabilities. Operating within networks, which range from local to global scales, it assesses security by revealing open ports and facilitating communication and resource sharing.
Network Scanning
DAY-3 : Exploitation Tools
(Speakers: Purundhar, Ansh)

- Brief look through popular Exploitation tools e.g., John the Ripper, BeEF project.
- Demonstration of keyloggers and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
Exploitation Tools
DAY-4 : Breaking Websites
(Speaker: Gaurav Jain)

- Basics of web and HTTP
- Introduction to Cross Site Scripting
- Leverage XSS to steal cookies (live demo!) - session hijacking
- Popular tools to find and exploit XSS - XSSer, XSStrike, etc.
DAY 5 - Capture The Flag
(Speaker: Gaurav Jain)

- Introduction to CTF
- Other interesting domains of CTF - Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, etc.
- Introduction to popular CTF practice websites (tryhackme, picoCTF, hackthebox)
DAY 6 - Security from a Fintech Perspective
(Speaker: Shri.Mahesh Govind)

- Covering careers and future aspects in the realm of Cyber Security
- Explore career opportunities and future trends in this dynamic field