OWASP Kerala Chapter Board Planning Meeting


Kerala chapter Board Planning Meeting Nov 2018 - AppFabs

  1. OWASP Kerala Board has been restructured as follows:

    a. Core Leaders

    b. Advisory Board Members

    c. Finance Coordinators

    d. Conference Coordinators

    e. Academics Coordinators

    f. Women in AppSec Coordinators

    g. Workshops & CTF Coordinators

    h. PR & Marketing Coordinators

  2. Board Members has been selected and assigned individual roles in the board.

  3. Decided to organise OWASP Meetup on 01-Dec-2018.

  4. Decided to invite papers for the Meetup. Hemanth and Sudin will co-ordinate the CFP process.

  5. Decided to meet the KTU officials for establishing the OWASP Student Chapters.

  6. Decided to organise AppSec India on 11-14 Jul 2019 at Cochin, Kerala

  7. Individual committees will be formed with the help of OWASP Volunteers.

  8. The following tasks have been assigned for the OWASP Meetup.

    a. CFP & PR - Hemanth & Sudin

    b. OWASP Event Website - Arun S Kumar

    c. Content & Poster - Sreenath

    d. KTU Meeting & Advisory Board Selection - Rajesh

    e. CTF - Danesh & Sreehari

    f. Venue & Key Note Speakers - Adarsh & Rejah

    g. Women in AppSec Track - Sreelakshmy

    h. Sponsorship - Rejah

  9. Next meeting is scheduled on 19-Nov-2018 at 5 PM.