Kerala chapter Board Planning Meeting Jan 2018 FAYA


Following are the minutes of the meeting held on Jan 10, 2018 at Faya, Technopark

Date and Time: 10 - January - 2018 at 6 PM Venue: Meeting Hall, Faya, Technopark Participants: Rejah, Binu, Rajesh, Jithin, Vignesh, Arun, Hemanth, Adarsh, Jewel Agenda:

  1. Prayer
  2. Summary of activities conducted by OWASP Kerala so far
  3. Restructuring of OWASP Kerala Chapter Board
  4. Event calendar
  5. Any other relevant matter to be discussed

The meeting started with Prayer. Chapter Leader, Rejah welcomed the gathering and explained about the current status of functioning of OWASP Kerala. He emphasized the need for restructuring of the board and conduct more events.

Binu explained about an event which he can conduct on behalf of OWASP Kerala chapter at EY, Kinfra. The topic is Threat Intelligence (Reference: Date is not confirmed and will be decided later.

Rajesh explained about a potential new structure of OWASP Kerala Chapter board. He mentioned that there must be a Core Committee who is accountable for functioning of OWASP Kerala. Such a committee should have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer with representation from Government, Industry and Academics. Rejah was elected unanimously as the Secretary. Rajesh is temporarily assigned with the charge of Treasurer. Based on the need post of Assistant Secretary can be created at a later stage. We are in touch with the Head of e-Governance, Kerala for his approval for accepting the role of Chairman.

To assist the core committee a Management committee is proposed by the gathering with the following composition.

  1. Adarsh - Academics
  2. Inter Group Relationship - TBD, Rajesh expressed his willingness
  3. Hemanth, Jithin - Social Media
  4. Events - Vignesh, Arun
  5. Call for Papers (CFP) - Jewel
  6. Workshops with CTF - Danish

Adarsh mentioned that Student Chapters of OWASP should be formed in colleges under the supervision of OWASP Kerala Chapter and in compliance with the guidelines established by the OWASP global board.

Rejah proposed to initiate a Membership Campaign to increase the membership base of OWASP Kerala chapter.

Next half day event is proposed on May first or second week conducted by Hemanth and Adarsh at Technopark

The gathering decided to work towards hosting an AppSec Kerala in 2020

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Rajesh and the meeting concluded at 7:30 PM