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Update: OWASP is now

Open Worldwide Application Security Project®


We are delighted to Welcome you to Our Community of Cyber Security Professionals who are dedicated to making the online world a safer place. Our chapter is committed to promoting and advancing the mission of Open Worldwide Application Security Project® (OWASP), which is to make software and web applications more secure.

As a member of this chapter, you will have access to a wealth of resources, including training programs, workshops, and events, which are designed to help you develop your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cyber security.

Our chapter is made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, all united by a common goal of improving cyber security. By joining our community, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, share knowledge and best practices, and make a real difference in the fight against cyber threats.

We encourage you to participate in our activities, share your expertise, and engage with other members of the chapter. Together, we can build a Strong and Effective Community that makes a positive impact on cyber security.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our next event

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The important values that are crucial in building a Cyber Security Community are:

  1. Collaboration: Cyber security threats are complex and constantly evolving. Therefore, a collaborative approach is crucial in addressing them. Individuals and organizations within the community must work together, share information, and collaborate on solutions to tackle cyber threats.
  2. Trust: Trust is a fundamental element of any community, including the cyber security community. Members of the community must trust one another to share information and work together to achieve common goals. Trust can be built through transparency, honesty, and accountability.
  3. Education: Cyber security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread. It is essential that the community is educated on the latest threats and security measures to defend against them. Education can take many forms, including training programs, workshops, and sharing of best practices.
  4. Inclusivity: A strong cyber security community must be inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, including race, gender, and ethnicity. A diverse community can bring different perspectives and approaches to addressing cyber security challenges.
  5. Responsiveness: Cyber security threats can emerge at any time, and the community must be able to respond quickly and effectively. This requires a culture of responsiveness, where members are prepared to act swiftly to mitigate threats and prevent further damage.
  6. Innovation: The cyber security landscape is constantly changing, and the community must be innovative in its approach to tackling new threats. This means embracing new technologies, tools, and strategies to stay ahead of the curve.
    By embracing these values, OUR community can work together to build a Safer and Robust online world for all.


The Open Worldwide Application Security Project® (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software. All of our projects, tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

Chapters are led by local leaders in accordance with the Chapter Policy. Financial contributions should only be made online using the authorized online donation button. To be a SPEAKER at ANY OWASP Chapter in the world simply contact the local chapter leader with details of what OWASP Project, independent research, or related software security topic you would like to present.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in our Projects, Local Chapters, Events, Online Groups, and Community Slack Channel. We especially encourage diversity in all our initiatives. OWASP is a fantastic place to learn about application security, to network, and even to build your reputation as an expert. We also encourage you to be become a member or consider a donation to support our ongoing work.

Upcoming Meetup Events



OWASP Kuala Lumpur Meetup April 2023

SAT, APR 8 · 11:00 AM SST

Our First Meetup for 2023 is scheduled

Let’s join together and build a Strong Cyber Security Community here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. Opening and Welcome talk - Chapter Leads (10 mins)
  2. Speaker 1: 30 mins session (TBC)
  3. Speaker 2: 30 mins session [Rahul Lohar: Cyber Space in 2023 for All of us]

20 minutes will be used for QnA or other discussions for future meetups.

Regards,</br> OWASP KL Chapter Team