Who are we


Welcome to the OWASP Lviv chapter homepage.

The chapter leaders are Igor Beliaiev, Bohdan Serednytskyi and Stanislav Breslavskiy. The chapter is run by a team of dedicated cybersecurity enthusiasts: Pavlo Zhavoronkov and Oksana Safronova.

The chapter aims at holding quarterly meetups in the format of 2 practical workshops and up to 5 talks. The meetups are normally streamed online and recorded, and are followed by unofficial parties in Lviv pubs. Everyone are welcome to join us at our chapter meetings.

How to find us

Follow our news and announcements on social media: Facebook & Telegram

Find us on the semi-official OWASP Slack channel (you have to register first)

Watch recordings of our previous events YouTube

Join our Meetup Page

How to support the chapter

If your company wishes to support the chapter, please contact Igor Beliaiev.

Future Events

Become a Speaker

Call For Speakers at OWASP Lviv events is permanently open. If you want to present at future events, review and agree with the OWASP Speaker Agreement and check for upcoming events at https://cfp.owaspukraine.org, or simply send the title and abstract of your talk and speaker bio to Igor Beliaiev or Bohdan Serednytskyi.

Become a Sponsor

To sponsor an OWASP Lviv event, contact Igor Beliaiev or Stanislav Breslavskiy.

We don’t have any special sponsorship package, however the sponsoring organization or individual will receive our warm thanks and a fair amount of gratitude spread over our social media presence, placed at the chapter official web-page, and announced at the event itself.

Become a Host

To host an OWASP Lviv event, contact Igor Beliaiev.

Venue requirements include:

  • Capacity to welcome up to 100 attendees
  • Possibility to host a lunch (paid separately by the Chapter)
  • Separate high-quality internet connection for online streaming
  • No need for additional attendee registration or providing attendee lists
  • No marketing, advertising, or hiring at the event



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