OWASP Ottawa

Hello Ottawa and the World, Welcome to your OWASP Ottawa Chapter!

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Who We Are

We are a place to meet local developers and information security professionals, share ideas, and learn.

You will find us informal, approachable, and thankful for your assistance. We encourage and welcome beginners. We are an open, tolerant, and inclusive organisation that accepts all races, genders, creeds, abilities, things, and ideas with the exception of one - Hate: Hate has no home at OWASP Ottawa.

OWASP Ottawa events are completely free. We will never charge for access to any of our events.

What We Do

We provide a mix of InfoSec talks, hands on training sessions, and special interest discussion groups. We hold monthly meetups at the STEM Building of the University of Ottawa. We hold occassional workshops on a variety of security topics.

We are always looking for new ideas for events so let us know if you have an idea.

You can submit an idea at any point in time at the following link: OWASP Ottawa Speaker Submission Form 2024.

For updates, events, membership; please visit our meetup page: OWASP Ottawa Meetup


OWASP Ottawa would not function without the generous support of time and effort from our volunteers. If you would like to get more involved we would love to have your help. OWASP Ottawa CTF Volunteers 2024

Contact us on any of our socials or Slack if you wish to volunteer.

Currently Scheduled Events

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