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Hello Ottawa and the World, Welcome to your OWASP Ottawa chapter!

We are a place to come and meet local developers and information security professionals, share ideas, and learn.

Special Notice:

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic our events will continue online on our YouTube channel. You can subscribe and set a reminder and you’ll get a notification as soon as we go live! We will post information here and on all our other medias (email, twitter etc.) as we are closer to the date.

Consult the OWASP Ottawa Meetup page for details.

We provide a mix of infosec talks, hands on training sessions, and special interest discussion groups. We are always looking for new ideas for events so let us know if you have an idea. You can submit an idea at any point in time at the following link: OWASP Ottawa Continuous Call for Speakers.

For updates, events, membership; please visit our meetup page: OWASP Ottawa Meetup

Due to a change in the APIs used to collate this data, this functionality is temporarily offline.

During more ‘regular’ times, we try to hold a meeting at least once a month at two different locations in Ottawa.

  • Downtown - Shopify (Cody’s Cafe, 150 Elgin Street, 6th floor)
  • West End - Trend Micro (40 Hines Rd, 1st Floor)

Connect with us on Social Media and on Slack: