OWASP Saitama


こちらはOWASP Saitamaチャプターのページです。

OWASP Saitamaチャプターとは、サイバーセキュリティの向上を目指す非営利組織であるOWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project) のさいたま支部です。

チャプターリーダーは吉村 孝広、吉村 賢哉の2名です。



  • TBA: OWASP Saitama ミーティング #2 (会場都合によりキャンセル; 日程調整中)










OWASP Saitamaミーティング





OWASP Saitamaミーティングにスピーカーとして参加を希望される方は、speaker agreementをご覧の上、以下の内容をチャプターリーダーまでご連絡ください。

  • お名前
  • セッションタイトル



Monolith Works Inc.Deego Co.,Ltd.




Welcome to the OWASP Saitama Chapter home page!

The chapter leaders are: Takahiro Yoshimura and Ken-ya Yoshimura.

Upcoming events

Currently, we are using Connpass for organizing our events. If you cannot use it, you can attend our events by contacting chapter leaders.

  • TBA: OWASP Saitama Meeting #2 (cancelled due to a room schedule conflict; rescheduling on the way)

Our mission

In our chapter,

1. We provide freedom of speech.

We consider free speech is most important, as well as responsible disclosure, especially in the topics of cybersecurity field. For that mission we seek speakers’ psycological security, e.g. we do not allow audio/video recording and disclosure, without speakers’ explicit permission, of any of our talk sessions.

2. We seek comprehensive knowledge.

We consider any meaningful awareness is provided only with timely and comprehensive knowledge. For that mission we prefer actual/precise/real-life topics to abstract ones.

3. We seek real skills.

We consider it is important to distribute not only knowledge but also skills. For that mission we will occussionally hold workshops.

4. We seek fun.

We believe that fun is an important factor of any fruitful research. For that mission we will strive to provide easy and cozy environment.

OWASP Saitama Meetings

OWASP Saitama Meetings are regular meetings held by our members, in Saitama-shi or Kasukabe-shi, for raising cybersecurity awareness. We will invite various person working in the cybersecurity field as speakers. Anyone can join us; we will welcome you no matter of your profession, experience, age, gender, or nationality.

IMPORTANT: In our chapter we do not allow audio/video recording and disclosure, without speakers’ explicit permission, of any of our talk session. Thank you.

We announce upcoming events including the meetings, primarily in the chapter page, relaying to platforms like:

Call for paper is always open!

We are always looking for speakers. If you want to speak in our chapter meetings, please take a look at speaker agreement, then contact the chapter leaders with the following information. Thank you.

  • Your name
  • Your session title

Chapter Supporters

The list below are the companies/organizations that support our chapter.

Monolith Works Inc.Deego Co.,Ltd.

Past Meetings

We have held meetings below: