Welcome to the OWASP Yola chapter under the leadership of Sa’ad Ahmad Sa’ad and Hussaini Aminu Suleiman.

Yola, meaning ‘Great Plain’ or ‘Vast Plain Land’, is the largest city, capital city and administrative center of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Located on the Benue River, it has a population of 336,648. Yola is split into two parts.The old town of Yola where the Lamido resides is the traditional city but the new city of Jimeta (about 5 km NW) is the administrative and commercial centre. Generally the term Yola is now used to mean both.

To the north are the Mandara Mountains and to the south are the Shebshi Mountains with Dimlang (Vogel) Peak the second highest point (2,042 m) in Nigeria after Chappal Waddi (mountain of death).

Yola is an access point to the Gashaka Gumpti Nature Reserve, which is the largest national park in Nigeria, the Ngel Nyaki montane forest reserve, the Mambilla Plateau, the Sukur UNESCO World heritage site, which is Africa’s first cultural landscape to receive World Heritage List inscription,[3] the Yadin Waterfalls, the Kiri Dam on the Gongola River, the Benue national park in nearby Cameroon, the Waza National Park, and the Cameroonian town of Garoua, which lies across the border, on the Benue river.

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