OWASP Zhytomyr

Who are we

OWASP Zhytomyr

OWASP Zhytomyr chapter was founded in 2019 by Bohdan Nikitenko

Second leader is Julia Potapenko

The chapter aims at holding quarterly meetups in the format of 4 talks and probably 1 workshop.

How to find us

Follow our news and announcements on social media: Facebook Telegram Meetup

How to support the chapter

If your company wishes to support the chapter, please contact Bohdan Nikitenko or Julia Potapenko

Future Events

Become a Speaker

Call For Speakers at OWASP Zhytomyr events is permanently open. If you want to present at future events simply send the title and abstract of your talk and speaker bio to Bohdan Nikitenko or Julia Potapenko

Become a Sponsor

To sponsor an OWASP Zhytomyr event, contact Bohdan Nikitenko or Julia Potapenko

We don’t have any special sponsorship package, however the sponsoring organization or individual will receive our warm thanks and a fair amount of gratitude spread over our social media presence, placed at the chapter official web-page, and announced at the event itself

Become a Host

To host an OWASP Zhytomyr event, contact Bohdan Nikitenko Venue requirements include:

  • Capacity to welcome up to 40-50 attendees
  • Separate high-quality internet connection for online streaming
  • No need for additional attendee registration or providing attendee lists
  • No marketing, advertising, or hiring at the event


Our supporters

Chapter meeting sponsors

These companies have demonstrated their support for Ukrainian Application Security community by funding our quarterly chapter meetings.


If you want to support or collaborate with us

Please, check the next document and contact to Bohdan or Julia.

Call For Papers 2020

Hey! We are happy to announce the CFP for our first online meetup! OWASP Zhytomyr event will be held on August - September, so if you have a prepared speech with the topic related to the security we are happy to include you in our program!

Submit your speach here

Chapter Webinars 2019


29 June 2019 16:00 - 20:00


Reikartz Hotel (2d floor). Zamkova Square, 5/8, Zhytomyr, 10002


Our Speakers

  • Oleg Yudintsev. Independent InfoSec Researcher. “How tasty are your cookies?”

How cookies can leak over insecure channel? How an Attacker can tamper or hijack remotely sensitive cookies of the user? What severe consequences can happen as a result of insecure cookie processing? In this presentation I’m going discuss different weaknesses in cookie lifecycle and how to process cookies securely.

  • Julia Potapenko. iOS Software Engineer at Stuzo. “Touch ID and Face ID. Is it secure?”

Even though Touch ID and Face ID have been here for a while, the users continue to ask if they are secure enough. We will talk about Apple’s Biometrics, Keychain and Secure Enclave, looking into the proper way local authentication should be implemented on iOS devices.

  • Oleksandr Mezherytskyi. Cybersecurity Engineer at Armed Forces of Ukraine. “STOP DDOS”

Oleksandr will tell us about his own experience and practical advices on how to stop attacks on web sites - fitches, tools, and mistakes.

  • Yulia Vashchenko. macOS Software Engineer at MacPaw. “Malware on macOS: hottest news from Objective by the Sea conference”

Chapter Webinars 2020




July 31 18:30


Zoom conference





September 22 19:00


Zoom conference


Working on next event organisation. If you want to help us or submit a speech, please check the next document