OWASP Bug Bounty

OWASP Bug Bounty programs are run different from most traditional Bug Bounties. First of all, the applications to be tested are not available as deployed web applications online. For this part you will need to download the applications and deploy or install them on your computer. The following is a guideline for each bug bounty program we are running:

OWASP ZAP Bug Bounty

The OWASP ZAP Bug Bounty program can be found here.

OWASP ZAP is a client application written in JAVA. Therefore is important that you keep in mind the scope of the bounty. Download the latest version and install it on your computer.

Bug Bounty Tips

Check the Code

OWASP ZAP is an open source application, meaning that you have access to the source code and you can debug it while testing it. This offers you a much better view of what is happening, but also, you have the ability to white-test the application and find out vulnerable Java Methods faster than the Blackbox approach.

You will need to run ZAP within a Java IDE like Eclipse. The easiest way to get ZAP running this way is to follow these instructions here or follow these videos:

You can also use STATS analysis tools that might unmask vulnerable methods.

ZAP source code can be found here.


Any design or implementation issue that is reproducible and substantially affects the security of ZAP users is likely to be in scope for the program, but in particular:

  • Remote code execution
  • Unauthorized API actions

OWASP CRSFGuard Bug Bounty

OWASP CRSFGuard Bug Bounty program can be found here.

Please read careful the scope of the bounty and make sure you understand the target.

For the purpose of this bounty , the library has been deployed within a Dummy Java application of just consisting a web form. You can download the entire app source code file here.

You can open the Maven project in Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. If you are not familiar opening Maven projects in Eclipse IDE , check the following video:

OWASP JAVA HTML Sanitizer Bug Bounty

This bounty program is to be found here

Please make sure your read carefully the scope of the bounty clear.

How to Deploy

OWASP Java HTML Sanitize is actually a Java library. For the purpose of this bounty, the library has been deployed within a dummy Java application of just consisting a web form. You can download the WAR file here.

If you have no experience deploying a war file as an application, you can decide to run it within a IDE like Eclipse or deployed it into an Apache Server. Follow the following videos if you need more information regarding this:


If you have more questions regarding the program or how to join it please contact: [email protected].