Portability Flaw

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Functions with inconsistent implementations across operating systems and operating system versions cause portability problems.

The behavior of functions in this category varies by operating system, and at times, even by operating system version. Implementation differences can include:

  • Slight differences in the way parameters are interpreted, leading to inconsistent results.
  • Some implementations of the function carry significant security risks.
  • The function might not be defined on all platforms.

Risk Factors





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In addition, one should classify vulnerability based on the following subcategories: Ex:[[Category:Error_Handling_Vulnerability|Category:Error Handling Vulnerability]]

Availability Vulnerability

Authorization Vulnerability

Authentication Vulnerability

Concurrency Vulnerability

Configuration Vulnerability

Cryptographic Vulnerability

Encoding Vulnerability

Error Handling Vulnerability

Input Validation Vulnerability

Logging and Auditing Vulnerability

Session Management Vulnerability]]


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