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Diversity and Financial Aid Fund

OWASP New Zealand Day 2020

Through the generous support of our sponsors, we were able to provide 16 travel awards, totalling $11,300, to Diversity Fund applicants in 2020. In addition, we provided 12 fee waivers for pre-conference training classes, with a combined value of $11,275.00.

Thanks to the generous support of our lovely sponsors, we will have some funding available to help people from around New Zealand attend the OWASP NZ Day, who would otherwise find it hard to attend. In particular, we welcome applications from women, people of colour, LGBTQ2IA, Pacific Island indigenous peoples, and all others. You all deserve to be able to learn more about security, and we’ll do our best to help make that happen!

For participants from within New Zealand, support provided by the fund can include return airfare to Auckland, an allowance for accommodations in Auckland, and an allowance for taxi/Uber fares to/from the airports.

If funds are available, support may be extended to a limited number of applicants from outside New Zealand. For such applicants, support provided by the fund will be limited to an allowance for accommodations and taxi/Uber fares in Auckland.

Because of the generous support of our sponsors, and our training instructors, a limited number of fee waivers/discounts will also be available this year. On the application, you can indicate if you’d like to be considered for a training fee waiver, and provide your class preferences.

Our funds are limited, and we’ll be reviewing applications every week, starting in mid-December. Submit your application soon, so we can approve them promptly, and you’ll be in several review cycles!


We use the following criteria to help us decide who gets approved:

Each successful recipient can choose whether to be kept anonymous (in which case only the OWASP NZ committee will know the details of your funding), or to be put in touch with the supporting company whose sponsorship is going towards your attendance (if applicable). We think some of our sponsors may enjoy the opportunity to chat with you on the day and talk about your experiences and plans for the future, but that’s totally optional and up to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email.