OWASP How to Get Into AppSec

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What is the How to Get into AppSec Project?

Little is more frustrating than working towards a career that isn’t well defined. We hope to change that.

The goals of this project is to help create supportive guidance, and pathways into common AppSec roles. To do so, we must first understand what these common roles are.


This is an OWASP Education Committee Project, initially proposed by Didar. In 2021, we collected a survey of what the AppSec Landscape looks like. The survey closed at 31st May 2021 23:59 UTC.

We are currently processing the data.


As of April 2023, with renewed focus, we’re regrouping and working towards our next steps. More details soon.

As focus project for the Education & Training committee for 2023, if you’re interested in contributing, or sponsor our work, please reach out to the Education & Training Committee.