OWASP IoT Security Verification Standard

The OWASP Internet of Things Security Verification Standard (ISVS) is a community effort to establish a framework of security requirements for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The requirements provided by the ISVS can be used at many stages during the product development life cycle including design, development, and testing of IoT applications.

IoT applications are often composed of many interconnected applications that together form a complex ecosystem. Securing an IoT application thus boils down to securing the ecosystem. The ISVS, therefore, specifies security requirements for embedded applications and the IoT ecosystem in which these reside while referring to existing industry-accepted standards as much as possible.

The ISVS is an open source effort and we welcome contributions and feedback. If you want to contribute additional content, improve existing content, or provide your feedback, we suggest that you do so through:

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