OWASP Nettacker

OWASP Nettacker project was created to automate information gathering, vulnerability scanning and in general to aid penetration testing engagements. Nettacker is able to run various scans using a variety of methods and generate scan reports(in HTML/TXT/JSON/CSV format) for applications and networks, including discovering open ports, services, bugs, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, default credentials, subdomains, etc. Nettacker can be run as a command-line utility (including running as a Docker container), API, Web GUI mode or as Maltego transforms.

OWASP Nettacker is written in 100% Python and does not rely on launching any external tools.

The current Nettacker version (pre-release) is v0.0.2 which is compatible with both Python2 and Python3.


Code Repository


Quick Demo - CLI


Quick Demo - WebUI