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In today’s technological era, docker is the most powerful technology in each and every domain, whether it is Development, cyber security, DevOps, Automation, or Infrastructure.

Considering the demand of the industry, I would like to introduce my idea to create a NIGHTINGALE: docker image for pentesters.

This docker image is ready to use environment will the required tools that are needed at the time of pentesting on any of the scopes, whether it can be web application penetration testing, network penetration testing, mobile, API, OSINT, or Forensics.

The best part is you can either create an altered docker image or pull the pre-built docker image from the hub.

Some of the best features are listed below, I would highly recommend going through it and starting penetrating into the application. Link to access tool list : tool list


  1. No need to install multiple programming language support and multiple modules.
  2. Booting process is very fast as per the virtualization concept.
  3. Need as per use resource of the host machine.
  4. All pre-install tools are installed and if you install any new software or tool use can go with that option.
  5. You can perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of any scope.
  6. You can access this docker container via browser by calling your local address.


  1. You can run the container over cloud server but can’t perform mobile pentesting.
  2. Creating tunnel with SSH can’t help you to provide the connection to your physical device or virtual environment.

Note: Nothing can be impossible, so I will definitely find a solution for the cons points 🤟


The Reason behind creating this Docker file is to make a platform-independent penetration toolkit. It includes all the useful tools that will be required for a penetration tester

Device Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Docker engine installed as per the Operating System

Tools Category

  • Operating System tools (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Compression tools (7zip, tar, zip)
  • Development Essentials (Git, GitLab, etc)
  • Programming Languages support (Python, Ruby, Java, etc)
  • Exploit Frameworks (Metasploit, Exploit-DB, etc)
  • Port Scanning tools (nmap,etc)
  • Network tools (Tcpdump, etc)
  • Forensic tools (exiftool,steghide, binwalk, foremost, etc)
  • Red Team Tools (Metasploit, etc)
  • Information Gathering tools

    Tools List

Operating System Tools

  • Vim
  • zsh
  • locate
  • tree
  • htop
  • snapd

    Compression Techniques Tools

  • unzip
  • p7zip-full

    Development Essentials

  • git
  • ruby
  • ruby-dev
  • bundler
  • bison
  • flex
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • ruby-full
  • make
  • curl
  • gnupg
  • patch
  • ruby-bundler
  • nasm
  • wget
  • smbclient

    Programming Language Support

  • Python
  • GO
  • Nodejs
  • Ruby

    Exploit Framework

  • Metasploit

Web VAPT Tools

  • sqlmap
  • HawkScan
  • XSStrike
  • Whatweb
  • dirsearch
  • Arjun
  • Sublist3r
  • massdns
  • LinkedFinder
  • masscan
  • jwt_tool
  • qreplace
  • gf
  • httprobe
  • assetfinder
  • waybackurls

    Port Scanning Tools

  • Nmap
  • Masscan
  • Amass

    Network Tool

  • Traceroute
  • telnt
  • net-tools
  • iputils-ping
  • tcpdump
  • openvpn
  • whois
  • host
  • nmap

    Forensics Tools

  • exiftool
  • steghide
  • binwalk
  • foremost

    Red Team Tool

  • Impact toolkit

    Information Gathering

  • Shodan
  • Recon-ng
  • Reconspider
  • Xray

    Mobile Application Support (Android Only)

  • mobsf
  • adb
  • apktool
  • jadx
  • RMS

    OS Selection

  • Debian : Latest


This program is free software. Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed stated under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

Docker Image Build and Run

  • Take a clone of the repository
    git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/RAJANAGORI/Nightingale.git
  • Change the Directory
    cd Nightingale
  • Now build the Docker Image.
    docker build -t rajanagori/nightingale .
  • After Creating the Docker Image, Login into the image and Happy Hacking…. ;-)
    docker run -ti --hostname nightingale  rajanagori/nightingale /bin/bash
  • Now, you can directly access Nightingale interactive terminal using the browser
    docker run -it -p -d rajanagori/nightingale /home/binaries/ttyd -p 7681 bash

    If you want to run MobSF along with the nightingale then I will give you good news now you can do the same….!!

    part 1

    docker run -it -p -p -d rajanagori/nightingale /home/binaries/ttyd -p 7681 bash 

    part 2

    cd /home/tools_mobile_vapt/Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF/
    source venv/bin/activate
    ./run &
  • Call your browser and hit for the nightingale terminal and for MobFs to become you will be prooo!!!!

  • If you want to bind your host machine directory to your container directory then you can do the same.
    docker run -it -p -p -v /<your_host_machine_directory_path>:/<your_container_directory_path> -d rajanagori/nightingale /home/binaries/ttyd -p 7681 bash

For Localtunnel

  • Hit in your browser and you will be able to access the Nightingale terminal
  • Now, run the following command in your terminal
    lt --port 7681 --subdomain nightingale

    To start Runtime Mobile Security Framework

    part 1

    docker run -it -p -p -p -d rajanagori/nightingale /home/binaries/ttyd -p 7681 bash

    part 2

    cd tools_mobile_vapt/rms && pm2 start rms.js --name rms

    Now, hit and have fun with Nightingale !!!

    To start, Restart and Stop the Postgresql database

  • To start the service
    service postgresql start
  • To Restart the service
    service postgresql restart
  • To Stop the service
    service postgresql stop

    Note: Use of Postgresql is for msfConsole.

Want to see how you can run “NIGHTINGALE” in your local machine?

click on the image to see the video ;)