OWASP Vulnerability Management Guide

Vulnerability management is one of the most effective means of controlling cybersecurity risk. Yet, as indicated by the wave of massive data breaches and ransomware attacks, all too often organizations are compromised over missing patches and misconfigurations. Vulnerability management seeks to help organizations identify such weaknesses in its security posture so that they can be rectified before they are exploited by attackers. The OWASP Vulnerability Management Guide project seeks to establish guidance on the best practices that organizations can use establish a vulnerability management program within their organization. The guide provides in depth coverage of the full vulnerability management lifecycle including the preparation phase, the vulnerability identification/scanning phase, the reporting phase, and remediation phase.

The vulnerability management guide should help to breakdown vulnerability management process into a manageable repeatable cycles tailored to your organizational needs. Target audience: information security practitioners of all levels, IT professionals, and business leaders.

Vulnerability Management Cycle