OWASP Vulnerable Container Hub

The OWASP Vulnerable Container Hub project is the project that shares:

  • docker/podman container image build files(e.g. Dockerfile, Buildah script) to build a vulnerable container,
  • documentation to describe the container
  • and optionally the link to the repository(e.g. one in Docker hub or Quay.io) users can directly pull and run.

The files found here are to build a vulnerable container image through which everyone can freely learn, play, practice, do a quick Proof-of-concept of CVE vulnerabilities or use them for preparation for their CTF challenges.

The aim of the project is for anyone who is interested in to upload and maintain useful dockerfiles for security learning and practices. The end goal would be the best well-known reference when anyone wants to seek vulnerable containers.

Note: Dockerfile or Buildah script file must be provided so that everyone can get the information on what is going to be installed.




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