SnowFROC (Front Range OWASP Conference) is an annual, one-day premier application security event, which is hosted physically in Denver, Colorado US. SnowFROC typically brings in about 400 people, and focuses on relevant and exciting presentations, as well as spectacular hands-on workshops and training, which delve into many facets of cybersecurity.

What sets SnowFROC apart from other conferences, is its exceptional value and inclusive atmosphere: Hands-on training, excellent food, spectacular networking, great location/venue and professional orchestration. For reference, tickets typically cost between $75 and $105 per person and that includes breakfast, lunch, presentations, vendor giveaways, a panel discussion and optional hands-on training and workshops. You are not likely to find a better value for your money, or a better way to spend your time learning and networking. More details here: https://www.snowfroc.com/


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